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L'assoluto come contraddizione: Hegel e Spinoza


Francesco Valagussa

Titolo [Ita]:

L'assoluto come contraddizione: Hegel e Spinoza

Title [Eng]:

The absolute as a contradiction: Hegel and Spinoza

Data pubblicazione: 2016

Fascicolo: LV - anno: 2016/1 - pp. 103-119

Lingua: Italiano.

DOI: 10.1400/252611

Abstract [Eng]

The present article focuses on the Doctrine of Essence in Hegel’s Science of Logic, comparing it with Spinoza’s Ethica more geometrico demonstrata. According to Hegel, Spinoza did not grant to the reflection of the subject, i.e. the Negative, its fullness but nevertheless his explanation of reality has a lot in common with Spinoza’s Ethica. The article takes into account the relationship between Leibniz and Spinoza as it is explained in the Doctrine of Essence and then examine the most significant modal categories – possibility, contingency, reality and necessity. By showing the dialectical development which makes possible to pass from one category to the other, the present essay tries to highlight some symmetrical structures between the Doctrine of Essence and the Doctrine of Being.


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