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Il destino di un filosofo: Giovanni Gentile - tra inizio e fine


Vincenzo Vitiello

Titolo [Ita]:

Il destino di un filosofo: Giovanni Gentile - tra inizio e fine

Title [Eng]:

The fate of a philosopher: Giovanni Gentile - between beginning and end

Data pubblicazione: 2014

Fascicolo: LIII - anno: 2014 - pp. 177-189

Lingua: Italiano.

DOI: 10.1400/252570

Abstract [Eng]

Moving from the Correspondence Croce-Gentile of the years 1896-1900, Vitiello reconstructs the story of a thirty-year-old friendship that had a very big meaning in the Italian culture of the first half of the twentieth century, but which ended with a dramatic break. As a matter of fact, the two philoso­phers divided on the answer they gave to the crisis of the time: against fascist activism, Croce elaborated a “system” centered on the defense of the values of the great European tradition; Gentile, being aware of the impossibility to powerfully contrast the “present” by taking refuge in the past, tried to over­come the crisis by immersing himself into it, as his “philosophy” dictated. He confirmed his loyalty to fascism even when it was defeated. This loyalty marked his tragic end.


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