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The  journal Il Pensiero is available for purchase in any bookstore. All titles of Inschibboleth editions are distributed by Messaggerie Libri. Individual issues can be purchased online in both print and digital format. Individual articles can be purchased in digital format. On the pages of this site dedicated to individual issues or individual articles you can find links to purchase in any format.


Annual print subscription to Il Pensiero

Individuals or institutions wishing to take out a print subscription to the journal can do so by sending an email to

price: €45.00

The subscription includes sending the entire year (two issues).
You can specify the year for which you are requesting a subscriptio


Digital version of Il Pensiero


You can purchase individual issues in digital format on the main online stores (Google Play, Apple Books) and on Casalini Libri Torrossa portal. Institutional subjects can contact Casalini Libri.

60 Years of Il Pensiero journal
The complete series in 55 volumes

The publishing house, in agreement with the owner of the journal and both directors, has decided to republish all the issues, from 1956 to the present day, both in print and digital format, collecting them in annual volumes. The collection consists of 53 annual volumes, to which are added the two semi-annual volumes of 2016. All original editions have been re-typed to ensure maximum accessibility and re-paginated in the new graphic look. The page numbers of the original edition are reported in the margin in the new edition. The format (17x24 cm) has never changed over time and has been confirmed in the current edition.

To support this important republishing operation, a subscription campaign has been decided upon.

Entire collection of the journal Il Pensiero

60 years: 1956-2016


Private users who want to purchase the entire series of the magazine in print format can do so by sending an email to the following address: Institutional users can contact Casalini Libri (Torrossa) directly.

Price of the entire series in print: €1000.00

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