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The Journal

«Il Pensiero» – founded in 1956 by Giovanni Emanuele Barié, and directed from the following year by Leo Lugarini – participated intensely in the process of renewal of the philosophical culture of the second half of the last century. Among the collaborators of those years were Martin Heidegger, Paul Ricoeur, Eric Weil, Enzo Paci. Since 1995, with the passage of the journal to the Italian Scientific Editions of Naples, the original strictly philosophical program of «Il Pensiero» has been extended – also under the impulse of Vincenzo Vitiello, who took over the direction in 2005 – to other forms and areas of ‘knowledge’: from theology to poetry, from the ‘visual’ arts to music, welcoming among its collaborators Mario Luzi, Félix Duque, Jean-François Kervégan, Heribert Boeder, Massimo Cacciari, Bruno Forte, Eugenio Trías.

In 2013, with the passage to the Inschibboleth Editions in Rome, “Il Pensiero” started a new season: Massimo Adinolfi was asked to share the editor responsibility with Vincenzo Vitiello; the International Scientific Committee was formed with names of great prestige: Massimo Cacciari, Félix Duque, Jean-François Kervégan, Thomas Rentsch, Volker Rühle, Carlo Sini, Hans Vorländer; the Scientific Board and the Editorial Board have expanded.

In 2022, «Il Pensiero» was included in the list of Class A Journals for the competition areas 11/C1 and 11/C3.

Since 2023, the editorship is shared by Massimo Adinolfi, Enrica Lisciani-Petrini and Vincenzo Vitiello.

Editorial Board


Massimo Adinolfi, Enrica Lisciani-Petrini, Vincenzo Vitiello.

International Scientific Commitee

Massimo Cacciari, Félix Duque, Jean-François Kervégan, Thomas Rentsch, Volker Rühle, Carlo Sini, Hans Vorländer.


Scientific Board

Piero Coda, Florinda Cambria, Giannino Di Tommaso, Massimo Donà, Luca Illetterati, Valerio Rocco Lozano, Gaetano Rametta, Rocco Ronchi, Luigi Vero Tarca.

Editorial Board

Alessandro Apruzzese, Michele Capasso, Ernesto Forcellino, Giulio Goria, Davide Grossi, Lucilla Guidi, Chiara Maggese, Anna Parente, Giacomo Petrarca, Filippo Silva.

Issn print version: 0031-4811 (dal 1956 al 1995); 1824-4971 (dal 1995 ad oggi) 

Issn digital version: 2532-7550

Frequency: six-monthly.

Registration: Tribunale di Rieti, n. 3/2015; 

Previous registration: Tribunale di Rieti, n. 2/1978. 

Owner of the title: Vincenzo Vitiello. 

Publisher: Inschibboleth edizioni – Roma. 

Publishing Editor: Francesco Cundari. 

Typesetting: Inschibboleth Edizioni. Via G. Macchi 94, 00133, Roma, RM

Print: Rotomail Italia S.p.A. – Vignate (MI)


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