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N=1. L'empirismo integrale di Gentile e Bergson


Rocco Ronchi

Titolo [Ita]:

N=1. L'empirismo integrale di Gentile e Bergson

Title [Eng]:

N = 1. The integral empiricism of Gentile and Bergson

Data pubblicazione: 2014

Fascicolo: LIII - anno: 2014 - pp. 45-59

Lingua: Italiano.

DOI: 10.1400/252564

Abstract [Eng]

There was no real dialogue between Bergson and Gentile. The French philosopher doesn’t know Gentile. The Italian philosopher, on his part, knows Bergson, but considers him as the author of a “modest philosophy” that can be confined to the field of Psychology, if not to that of Psychophys­iology. The two philosophers share an identical speculative gesture, despite the indisputable difference of the “external and historical” frame of the two philosophies. They both develop a philosophy of absolute immanence which aims at creating a new model of the intelligibility of becoming, suitable to the “complexity” of the real. This philosophy is in compliance with a cer­tain line of thinking of the twentieth century – from pragmatism to White­head’s Philosophy of Organism, from Ruyer’s Philosophy of Biology to the Simondonian reflection on individuation, up to the Ontology of Deleuze – undoubtedly supported only by a minority but more than ever modern and necessary today.


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