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La politica estera di Obama


Mario Del Pero

Titolo [Ita]:

La politica estera di Obama

Title [Eng]:

Obama's foreign policy

Data pubblicazione: 2015

Fascicolo: LIV - anno: 2015 - pp. 233-239

Lingua: Italiano.

DOI: 10.1400/252585

Abstract [Eng]

Pragmatism and cautiousness have characterized the Obama administration foreign policy. Three seem to have been the basic pillars of this policy: a clear redefinition of the geopolitical priorities, positing the Far East at its vertex; a strong scepticism on the possibility of the effective use of the U.S. military primacy; the rejection of a nationalist and exceptionalist rhetoric. The results have been ambiguous and can be fully assessed only over a long period of time. The operational, conceptual and discursive change has, nevertheless, been significant and noteworthy.


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