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L'attualismo di Gentile e la pigrizia del mondo


Massimo Adinolfi

Titolo [Ita]:

L'attualismo di Gentile e la pigrizia del mondo

Title [Eng]:

Gentile's actualism and the laziness of the world

Data pubblicazione: 2014

Fascicolo: LIII - anno: 2014 - pp. 9-30

Lingua: Italiano.

DOI: 10.1400/252562

Abstract [Eng]

Following the tradition that has its culminating point in Kant’s booklet on “What is Enlightment?” and in Fichte’s ethical system, Giovanni Gentile’s actual idealism is morally incompatible with laziness. In place of a phenom­enology of laziness, the essay proposes a brief philosophical and literary de­scription of this phenomenon, by examining the writings of Ivan Goncarov, Emmanuel Lévinas and Roland Barthes. It then goes on inviting the reader to consider the paradoxical effort that Gentile’s Ego has to make in order to fight the natural laziness that dwells in his heart. To feel tired (an hendi­adys?), to feel lazy is actually the condition that the extreme surveillance of Gentile’s act considers a duty to conceal – a metaphysical and moral duty at the same time. However, it is also the state in which it is not consciousness that feels, but the world.


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