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Call for papers n. LXI/2 – Judaism and Christianity: a Philosophical Lexicon

Call for papers n. LXI/2 – Judaism and Christianity: a Philosophical Lexicon.

Deadline: 1st June 2022

The editorial staff of the philosophy journal «Il Pensiero» selects original contributions in the form of essays and reviewsfor the issue dedicated to the topic:

Judaism and Christianity: a Philosophical Lexicon.

The deadline for submitting contributions is June 1st, 2022; the answer will be communicated by the editorial staff by August 30th, 2022. Contributions must not exceed 45.000 characters, including spaces and notes, and must be accompanied by an abstract in English and Italian of up to 1200 characters and 5 keywords (in English and Italian).

The issue of the dossier is scheduled for November 2022.

Editor: Giacomo Petrarca – Vita-Salute San Raffaele University (Milan).

The relationship between Judaism and Christianity, with its contrasts and its irrepressible continuities, represents an essential topic of research, both for the History of Religions and Political Theology. In particular, it represents a crucial point into the development of European philosophical thought. As Rosenzweig writes in a letter to Rudolf Ehrenberg, dated November 4th, 1913: « that the concept of penance (which in Hebrew is translated as ‘return’, ‘reversal of the path’, ‘return back’), that therefore the Hebrew word teshuvah is translated metanoia in the New Testament, is evidence that this is one of the points, in which world history is written in the dictionary». This volume aims at proposing the beginning of a possible mapping of the philosophical lexicon that deals with, both from a historical-philological and philosophical-theoretical overview, the evolution and the philosophical impact of key concepts such as law, people, redemption, messianism, tradition, revelation, circumcision, covenant, prophecy, reading, writing, book, comment, earth, exile, community and others.


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