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Pensée pensante et pensée pensée : quelle dialectique?


Evelyne Buissière

Titolo [Fra]:

Pensée pensante et pensée pensée : quelle dialectique?

Title [Eng]:

Thinking thought and thought thought: which dialectic?

Data pubblicazione: 2014

Fascicolo: LIII - anno: 2014 - pp. 61-77

Lingua: Francese.

DOI: 10.1400/252565

Abstract [Eng]

Buissière’s analysis of the complex relationship between “thinking thought” and “thought thought” develops through a double comparison of the philosophy of Gentile with the doctrine of Spinoza on the one hand, and the Hegelian system on the other. Through this double comparison, Evelyne Buissière shows that in the dialectic of the Act the positive aspect prevails because, if it is true that “thinking thought” denies “thought thought” in order to actualize itself, it is not less true that the dialectical negation of “Actualism Philosophie” comes to the “positive” accomplishment of “thinking” in “thought”. The conclusion is entrusted to the words of Ugo Spirito, who is like a mentor in the essay, «In “Actualism Philosophie” […] any distinction between absolute and contingent, universal and particular falls, and everything is absolute in its concrete present life».


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