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Henry e Gentile: auto-affettività, autoctisi e auto-donazione


Andrea Bellantone

Titolo [Ita]:

Henry e Gentile: auto-affettività, autoctisi e auto-donazione

Title [Eng]:

Henry and Gentile: self-affectivity, autochthysis and self-donation

Data pubblicazione: 2014

Fascicolo: LIII - anno: 2014 - pp. 31-44

Lingua: Italiano.

DOI: 10.1400/252563

Abstract [Eng]

This article deals with the fundamental theme of metaphysics, that is that of the unconditioned and of its willingness to manifest itself. The issue is taken into consideration moving from Michel Henry and Giovanni Gentile’s points of view. Moving from Gentile’s “The Philosophy of Art”, where feel­ing is the affection with which the unconditioned is experienced as absolute living, as subjectivity in progress, a point in common can be found between the two. The way with which the Ego donates itself is, however, different for the two philosophers. While in Gentile we find a preponderance of negative dialectics, Henry suggests a possibility of auto-affection, avoiding dialectic dualism. As far as the initial metaphysical question is concerned, the Author asks himself: where is it fruitful to make these two positions jointly operate?


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