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Call for papers n. LXII/2 – Homage to Carlo Sini

Deadline: July 15, 2023

The editorial board of the philosophy journal «Il Pensiero» selects original contributions in the form of essays and reviews for the issue dedicated to the topic:

Homage to Carlo Sini.

Deadline for submission of contributions is July 15, 2023; response will be communicated by the editors by August 31, 2023. Submissions should not exceed 45.000 characters, including spaces and footnotes, and should be accompanied by an abstract in Italian and English, maximum 1200 characters each, and 5 keywords (in Italian and English).

The issue is scheduled for release in November 2023.

Volume editor: Florinda Cambria – University of Insubria.

«Il Buon Dio: – Insomma, alla fine, pochi discorsi: che hai fatto?

Il Filosofo: – Oh no, molti discorsi, e poco altro».

In this repartee, placed by Carlo Sini in the exergue to his recent book Idioma. La cura del discorso (2021), more than a mocking analysis, perhaps the secret, stylistic and at the same time thematic signature of the most recent developments in his philosophy and his current way of understanding philosophical doing tout court pop up.

Proceeding from phenomenology to pragmatism, from semiotics to hermeneutics, from the «ethics of writing» to the «thought of practices» and «auto-bio-graphy», Sini has cut through the terrain of the Western philosophical tradition to the point of laying the foundations of a renewed «encyclopedia of knowledge», which transcends disciplinary compartments, challenges the sciences and philosophy itself, and finally pushes toward the springing place of that peculiar experience to which we give the name of truth.

It is precisely the link and hiatus between experiencing and naming, moreover, that are at the heart of what Sini today calls «il discorso, il sermo, direbbe Orazio» (ibidem, back cover), the mobile threshold of all human knowledge, where from time to time «i limiti delle nostre pretese verità e l’ambiguità di una presunta idea di realtà che da molto tempo ci accompagna» (ibidem) stand out and blur. On the possibility of consciously pausing on this threshold, and curing the blindness and superstitions that, like Scylla and Charybdis, mark its precarious balance, Sini has been working systematically since at least 2016, the year of publication of the book that, emblematically, bears the title Inizio, followed by Trittico (2018), La vita dei filosofi (2019) and the aforementioned Idioma.

The reference to these recent publications is not intended as a constraint for the contributions that will make up the issue dedicated to Sini, which will indeed be able to range freely in the philosopher’s vast production, in which, among others, decisive pages on Plato and Hegel, on Husserl and Spinoza, on Peirce, Nietzsche, Derrida stand out…, where he has discussed the fundamental questions of the tradition of Western thought. The reference is to be intended instead as a provocation to get involved with the living bearer of that production, now as open, metamorphic and – in every sense – self-mocking as ever. So that the «homage to Carlo Sini», far from being any celebratory redundancy or idiosyncratic claim to recapitulation, may be a further opportunity to exercise that «ethical posture» that Sini indefatigably claims as the hotspot of all forthright theoretical praxis..


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